Konbuild is a subsidiary brand RAD Group International based in mainland China.
We have a dream to create affordable, well designed and practical homes for those in need.
Our designs are inspired from modern Scandinavian design. Pure clean lines, honest materials, but functional.

Our unique design is able to be shipped worldwide as it fits directly into a shipping container. This allows us to utilize existing logistical infrastructure.
Upon it’s arrival it can be folded out into a new home. Gone are the days of waiting for a large construction crew and high cost. Konbuild is the IKEA of the construction industry.

The is meaning behind the name “Konbuild”?

The name is made up of two parts.

  1. “Kon” meaning construction.
  2. “Build” meaning build.

We chose a simple name, that was easy to remember and also easy to spell.
A goal is to be synonymous with being the Ikea of homes.
The simple play on words of “Konstruction and “Building”
“Konstruction” spelt with the letter “K” is a simple play on words

Incidentally, “kon” also means “bevel” in Swedish and all of our designs use simple bevels in their forms.

Ofcourse, a name is just a name, and as more people experience a Konbuild home, the meaning and image of our brand will come to have more meaning, not just in mainland China, but around the globe.

Is Konbbuild Chinese or Swedish??

We are a Chinese company, however we have an international team.
Currently we have people from Australia, New Zealand and soon the US

We choose to brand ourselves as Scandinavian, as we love the design from that part of the world. Their homes are also extremely well built and this is something we aim to replicate. Swedish design is also global design. Just have a look at what is coming out from Google these days in terms of colour and texture.
Hence our honest approach to design and construction.

What about the Chinese side?

This is where we take advantage of the huge cost saving opportunities that China allows. Our access to contract manufactures that build in accordance with our strict quality control systems.
No where else in the world can you buy a toilet that meets Australian standards and then go to the same manufacturer to purchase a toilet that meets United States standards.

With Konbuild we are able to bring everything together and produce a world class product at very affordable prices.