Modular Homes

Konbuild has a range of modular homes, specifically designed for resorts, airbnbs and serviced accommodation.
These homes are manufactured here in Mainland China and then exported to the destination country


This simple and elegant home based on the iconic home shape.
Prices start $35,000USD


  • Open plan living
  • Solid steel construction
  • Studio style
  • Loft style bedroom


This high quality villa is going to impress your guest. Perfect for your next development.
Prices start $46,000USD


  • Open plan living
  • Solid steel construction
  • Separate bedroom
  • Spacious single story


This modern, affordable luxury home is perfect for your next development.
Prices start $22,000 USD


  • Open plan living
  • Solid steel construction
  • Separate bedroom
  • Spacious single story
  • Luxury ensuite bathroom


Our Difference

All Konbuild modular homes are built to our high-quality control standards. We are able to offer such competitive prices because our homes are built in a factory. Bad weather and rain, that affects traditional construction is minimised. In the factory, weather is not a factor, and due to the modular construction, the time at the construction site is minimised.


Constructed from 6082 aluminium. This high-grade aluminium is used in both aviation and high-speed trains. 


High quality insulation cavity hollow wall system with multi – layer pressure forming board, heat preservation coefficient achieves 0.35-0.Sw/m’k.

A multi-layer wall system achieves grade A fireproof level, can resist 1500°

Water & moisture resistance

The floor is built above ground with an interlocking wall system. Then ensures that rain water is able to flow over the build and then away.
It’s import you also design your site to suit the local weather conditions.

The Complete Package

Each modular home is able to come with everything. This can be smart appliances or furniture. Each home is manufactured in Mainland China. This means we have huge access for all components, furniture and more.
The turn ability to have everything supplied by us, means if you are building a resort, you can open sooner and with less hassle.

Are these Modular Buildings suitable for your country?

Please note, that due to building regulations, these homes are not recommended for developed countries with strict building codes. We do have CE certifications for all buildings. They are well built and great quality for the price. However, for them to be certified in developed countries, this would greatly increase our costs. In turn, this cost increase would have to be added to the products. Our goal is to keep them as affordable as possible. When we have reached enough scale, then we can expand into more developed markets.

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