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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How much is shipping?
We recommend for shipping to your nearest port you need to budget around $1000 - $2500.
This price does not include customs charges and import taxes.

What kind of foundation do I need?
If building on standard ground, you will need 8 to 12 concrete piers to support the whole house.

Is the home insulated?
Yes, each panel consist of a foam core that provides insulation.

What is the size in feet?
34 square metres, which is equal to 365 square feet.

Is the product real?
Yes, we are working on providing high quality imagery of the product. However, at this stage we are just using computer renderings in our advertisement material.

Can you ship to my country?
Yes, we ship worldwide directly from mainland China. Please note the price of the unit, does not include shipping.

What does FOB in shipping terms mean?
The initials FOB stand for either "free on board" or "freight on board." Either way, it has the same definition. When using the term in business, buyers and sellers attach FOB to the beginning of a location to show the point at which freight changes hands from seller to buyer.

What is the weight of the Oslo Grand home?
2.8 metric tons

Can the home be moved easily?
The home can be re-packed up and moved, but you will need a team of people. Please see the video of a expandable home being set up.

What is the feeling inside compared to a conventional home?
The smaller size and lower ceiling creates a more intimate feel and space.

What quality control systems do you have in place?
All product are fully inspected through the construction phase. It will also be fully inspected and checked for quality before shipment. Photographs and documentation will be provided to you the customer.

Do Konbuild build homes at different size?
At this stage, we only have the Oslo. We are focussed on creating an affordable, high quality home. This means our production process must remain streamlined.
It would be in inefficient at this stage to expand our range.

What is t/t payment?
A telegraphic Transfer (TT) is an electronic method of transferring funds; it is utilized primarily for overseas wire transactions. These transfers are used most commonly in reference to CHAPS (Clearing House Automated Payment System) transfers in the U.K. banking system.

Is it your first time to import from China?
You must hire a customs broker from your country. They should also help you with logistics from your chosen port to the final destination.

Is it possible to add a small wood burner - otherwise, what form of heating is there?
Sorry, expandable house cannot have wood burner added.
Heating system can only be an electrical heater.

Can I get bamboo flooring?
Our quotation includes PVC vinyl.
As per bamboo plywood, there will be additional 590USD/unit. (Estimation)

If I’ve understood correctly, apart from paying a lump sum for our version of the OSLO GRAND, we’d need to pay additionally for foundation, delivery, installation and a broker - is this correct?
Yes. you are right. Our price quoted is FOB Shenzhen.

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I’m aware your builds are insulated, but could you please let me know in more detail, how?
Please check the R value as shown per panel type.
50mm EPS 1.315 ㎡K/W
75mm PU, R=3.125 ㎡K/W
50mm PU, R=2.083 ㎡K/W
50mm Silica Rock,R=1.25 ㎡K/W

The panelling can be selected for whichever meets your needs the best. For developed countries we recommend the Silica Rock Panels